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Our supporters come from all over the UK  and from all walks of life. Here are a few of the reasons they decided to become a volunteers with Knitted Knockers UK


 "I did a lot of knitting in my teens and took it up again in 2014 after my dad died of cancer. I found it really therapeutic. I was running out of things to knit and started searching for charities I could knit for. I came across Knitted Knockers and thought it was such a brilliant idea. I applied straight away. I didn’t realise how addictive it would become. I love how something that I enjoy doing and which helps me de-stress can have such a positive affect on others."

"I love to knit but loathe sewing things up! I was knitting baby hats etc for various charities and hospitals. A friend persuaded me to join our local WI and I hadn't been a member very long when we raised some money for KKUK with a quiz sheet. Then one of the knockerettes came along and gave a very inspiring personal story of how she got involved. She had some samples with her and i thought I can do that and here i am!

I love being involved with this amazing group of talented ladies."

"I had a mastectomy in 2002. For 12 years I wore the silicone prosthetic, which was heavy and I hated it. Then a friend sent me a link to Knitted Knockers as she thought I might be interested. I sent off for a knocker in my size and was hooked. I applied to become a knitter and after doing my samples got added to the order board . I love knitting them and knowing how comfy and being so much lighter to wear.


The feedback we get tells us how much they are appreciated by the ladies who order them.  My wish is that every woman has a choice and is told what is available."

"I have always been a knitter and was making baby jumpers and blankets to send to a charity in Africa having finished cardigans, hats etc for my girls. I had looked at something knitting related on Facebook and up popped an ad about knitted knockers. I looked into it as my interest was piqued because I had lost my very dearest friend to breast cancer when we were 45 and I hoped I might be able to help other ladies suffering from this cruel disease.

Little did I know that the charity had just been started by its founder, Jo, and it would become such a huge part of my life from that point on! I quickly was accepted into the group and on the orders boards and the rest is history! I was a regular at the Birmingham meet-ups that started in the House of Fraser and then moved to John Lewis. The travel is a bit onerous as the train takes 3 hours each way but I went to several when Jo was still with the charity.

I have made hundreds and hundreds of knockers (I wish I had kept a record!) and only take 2 weeks off a year when we go abroad. If there are no orders then I knit minis as I find it hard to sit still without my hands being occupied. I knit on trains, when a passenger in the car and all evening in front of the fire!

The knowledge that I am helping so many women is my motivation and the realisation that it could so easily be me at any time that needs this support. I am constantly amazed at the numbers of women that we help and am very grateful that FB put me on this path. I hope to be knitting for many years to come and will always support this fabulous charity😊"

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