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Volunteer Opportunities with Knitted Knockers UK

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Knitted Knockers UK.

We welcome applications to join our friendly Facebook community of knockerettes (Knocker – makers) from experienced knitters and crocheters.

If you cannot knit or crochet but would still like to support our wonderful charity though fund raising or raising awareness of what we do, we will be very pleased to welcome you too!

Our knockers are knitted and crocheted to a high standard. In order to provide the best service we can to our recipients, bespoke knitted knockers are knitted to order in the round using specific 100% cotton yarns on dpns or circular needles. Crochet knockers are also made in a specified 100% cotton yarn in the round, and again are only produced to order. After approval stuffed Knockers are then posted out to the lady who has requested them by the maker.

As part of the application process we would expect you to produce two separate sample knockers (either two knitted or two crocheted) to the accepted standard, you will then need to upload photographs of the knockers for approval to our closed Facebook page, which is where you will be provided with both the pattern and any help and support needed to aid you meet our high standards. Please note that as knitted knockers are requested in much higher numbers than crocheted there is usually a much greater need for knitters than for crocheters, so we will only be able to accept applications from a very small number of crocheters.

We will do our best to deal with your application as soon as possible, but please be aware that at busy times you may need to wait to hear from us.

Thank you again for your interest.

We are temporarily closed to new applications while we catch up with the applications on hand. 


We are hoping to re-open before the end of 2023.  

Thank you for your interest.

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