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We love it when ladies take the time to feedback about their Knitted Knockers:

"Many thanks for Knitted Knocker received today, have only tried it on so far, but am delighted with the feel of it etc. I look forward to receiving my Aqua in due course. I am also very pleased that you are getting so well known, I am telling all and sundry about your wonderful work and amazing volunteers, so even if friends etc are not personally affected, we all know someone who is."

"Received knocker with a lovely card and a packet of love hearts. Big, big thank you to the volunteer who made my knocker, she's a lovely lady."

"Thanks so much for sending me this order. It arrived whilst I was on holiday so although on my doormat I've only just opened it.  I was very touched by the love and care that went into the way they had been knitted, then packaged to send together with the gratitude stones and the crocheted gift tag........what a lovely touch."

"Thank you so much for providing me with a knitted knocker. It arrived yesterday, so super service. My knitters name is Carole and she did a beautiful job. I cannot believe how soft and light it is! I had a mastectomy with implant reconstruction in 2005 but my implant was damaged from radiation and had to be replaced in 2007. My body hated that implant and later that year I had a further reconstruction using tummy muscle which worked really well for me. Sadly I was rediagnosed earlier this year and part of my recon was removed. The knitted knocker mounds to my new weird shape perfectly and is very comfortable on all my scarlines - even my newest one. For the first time since 2005 my boobs look like they match in size and shape which is great!

I cannot explain how much this means to me. Your work is amazing."

"They arrived yesterday and are amazing, so much more comfortable than prosthetic, will be telling all my friends."

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