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Please read our terms and Conditions before filling in the form to request your free knockers on the buttons below:

Knitted style knockers are available in all bra sizes.

For crochet style knockers  

please refer to crochet chart 

We're sure you'll love our Knitted Knockers just as they are , but once you've tried them, if you feel you need to add just a little bit of weight, our Helpful Hearts might be what you need. (see info on top of form)

Before filling in a Knitted Knocker Request Form,

please read all of the following information carefully.

What happens when I place a request?

All requests come into Knitted Knockers UK via our website using the request form below.

We aim to respond to your request within 72 hours.

Your request is then placed on our Knitted Knockers UK Orders Group.

The order is then picked up by one of our volunteers. 

Our wonderful volunteers then knit or crochet the order.

The completed order is then forwarded to you via Royal Mail. The package will have a return address label on as follows.  

PO Box 1462


This is in case of non delivery or returns. 

I am in the EU, can I order?
Further to Brexit and the surrounding rules, the Trustees have decided regretfully that we will not fulfil any orders in the shop or for Knitted Knockers to countries in the EU until further notice.


How long until I receive my Knitted Knockers?

Within the UK. Please allow 28 days for your Knitted Knocker(s) to reach you. If after 28 days you have not received them please let us know via the request form below.

Outside the UK. Please allow 42 days for your request to reach you. If after 42 days you have not received them please let us know via the request form below.


Can I choose a colour?

All our Knitted Knockers are made by volunteers. Knitted Knockers  come as standard in a pastel, white, cream or beige colour on the fronts and knitters choice on the backs. However, you may choose a different colour of your choice. Please state this on the form. All colours subject to availability. 



We have two styles of cotton knockers available. Knitted and Crochet. Each can be made with or without a nipple.

Knitted Knockers available in all sizes,  please add your bra size to the order form. 

We advise to only request crochet  in sizes as the chart suggests.  Please add your bra size to the order form. 

Knitted knockers are more popular and are suitable for both mastectomy and lumpectomy. They are softer than the crochet style and will mould to the shape of your bra. 

Crochet knockers are a more fixed shape and are not suitable for lumpectomy. 


I have allergies, will the knockers be suitable for me?

All our knockers are made using 100% cotton yarn. They are stuffed with polyfiber filling.   (Same filling used in toys).

What are Aqua Knockers?

Aqua Knockers are a knitted knocker designed especially for use in water based activities.

Each one is handmade using a soft acrylic yarn and stuffed using shower scrunchies. 


Knitted Knockers UK trialled these knockers with the support of 60 ladies who tested them during various water sports from swimming and paddle boat racing to simply relaxing in the hot tub.


Feedback revealed they were comfortable, lightweight and looked very natural under swimwear. Ladies also found they dried quickly.

You may choose from light, bright or dark and they can be made with or without a nipple. All our 'Aquas are knitted and are suitable for mastectomy and lumpectomy. As with our normal knockers they are also fully adjustable by adding or removing stuffing

Who are sample packs for?

Knitted Knocker packs can be sent to any organisation within the UK who support post mastectomy and or lumpectomy ladies.

Our 100% Knitted Knockers all made by our volunteers will be included within the packs in various available sizes. If there are particular sizes you would like please let us know. These are ideal for women to see, feel and judge if knitted knockers would suit them. Colours will vary and there will be a mix of Knitted Kosmic, Knitted with i-cord nipple, Knitted no nipple, crochet and an Aqua knocker.  


Posters, flyers, business cards and information regarding how ladies can request knockers online or by post for their own personal use will be emailed to you.


To request one of our packs or for further information please complete the form below.  We aim to  respond and acknowledge  to your request by email within 7 days.

if you have not received your pack within 28 days of receipt of the email please let us know.  *These packs are not for knitting groups or individual knitters. 

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