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Knocker Request Form

Use this form to request FREE Everyday cotton and/or Aqua Knockers from Knitted Knockers UK. Please fill in 'Your details' and the relevant sections for the type of knocker you would like to order. If you want to order both Cotton and Aqua Knockers, please fill in all sections. If you have a more bespoke need, please get in touch, we're sure we will be able to help.

Colour Information

Our knockers come as standard in a light colour (pastel, white, cream or beige) on the fronts and knitter's choice on the backs. If the colour choice is left blank, this is what will be provided. We also offer Bright and Dark colour options and if you feel like getting a complete surprise (this might even mean multicoloured!), our knitters love to be given the opportunity to be left to their own devices - please choose Knitter's Choice. If you have a more specific colour request (subject to availability), please indicate that in the special requests box.

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