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Helpful Hearts Request Form

Please do NOT use this form to order Knitted Knockers


The Knitted Knocker order forms can be found here: 

We very occasionally have enquiries asking whether it is possible to add weight to our Knockers. We have developed Helpful Hearts for just that. They are small crocheted heart-shaped weights which are filled with glass beads and stuffing and are available for sizes KKUK6 and above.


Please take a little time once you have received your knocker to try it out, and adjust the stuffing where necessary, and consider whether a different size might be needed.


If a recipient feels they do need that little bit of extra weight, three Helpful Hearts will be provided for each knocker and they will be available free of charge.


Helpful hearts are only available for sizes KKUK6 and above, however we are happy to chat to ladies with smaller Knitted Knockers with suggestions of how their knockers might be weighted down.


Please do not place an order for Helpful Hearts until you have tried our Knockers without them. Most recipients do not need the extra weight and we are unable to fulfil an order for Helpful Hearts unless we can trace your Knocker order.

You will need your knocker order number to submit this form. It can be found in the emails you received from KKUK or on the care card you will have received with your knockers. Providing your order number is preferable but if you are unable to find your order number please email with whatever details you do have to allow us to trace your order. Please be aware that sending a request via email rather than submitting the form could delay the processing and receipt of your order for Helpful Hearts.

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