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We are a UK based charity that has been in operation since January 2014, becoming a registered CIO in March 2015.

We knit and crochet 100% cotton breast prostheses for women that have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy. 


Ladies that have undergone surgery are provided with silicone breast prosthesis by the NHS, which some ladies have found to be uncomfortable, heavy and may rub against the scars left after surgery, causing rashes and pain. 

At Knitted Knockers UK we want women to know that there is an alternative that is lightweight, takes the form of a real breast, is soft against the skin and is breathable. 


We want women to know that the alternative is a Knitted Knocker and that they are

“Made with love and filled with hope “

and we provide them FREE of charge to those ladies who need it. 


FREE you say… YES FREE…. The cost of making a knocker will depend on the cotton used and the amount of postage required to send the knocker to the recipient. Therefore, on average a set of Knitted Knockers will cost around £10 to make and send. 



Breast cancer has been 

the most common 

cancer in the UK since 

1997, 49,936 women in 

the UK were diagnosed 

with invasive breast 

cancer in 2011 and 

more than 18,000 

mastectomies were 

carried out in England 

alone. In addition to 

this, there were more 

than 2,000 breast 


operations in the same 

period. This figure is 

not getting any smaller 

as the years pass by. 



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